Katy Perry - What Makes A Woman (The Smile Video Series)

Katy Perry

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    Director \u0026 Illustrations: Mustashrik Mahbub
    Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
    Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
    Executive Producer: Sara Nix
    Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
    Producer: Brian Covalt
    Animation Production: Royal Post
    Production Manager: Jonathan Trebois
    Editor: Terence Nury
    Colorist: Ulysse Gaillot
    Lead Painter: David Devaux
    Matte Painters: Dimitri Stankowicz, Alice Baudouin
    3D artist: Jean-Christophe Levet

    Music video by Katy Perry performing What Makes A Woman (The Smile Video Series). © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


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    1. Chandan B R

      I want to here more of it ,this song so beautiful but very short

    2. manoj kumar


    3. Lan Anh Vũ

      Omgg this song deserves a big shout out from Vietnam!!! Katy deserves more views!!! Wake up world!

    4. R3

    5. J.ale.17


    6. Henrique Souza

    7. Akanksha

      Tell me if there is a music video more beautiful than this. I cannot find any other.

    8. miriã borges


    9. Kiran kant Korhari

      I love you kat perry 😘😉💘💄💍

    10. suspens


    11. suspens


    12. suspens


    13. R3

    14. German Hirschfeldt

      I'm a boy but I love this song 😻😻😻😻

    15. Music-Maniac✔️


    16. Pasang Ronaldo

      Her voice is really unique immediately took my attention 🙄🙄🙄

    17. Hellyon Malefic

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    18. Zheraz Annuh

      Katycats no se olviden de seguir reproduciendo electric.

    19. Zheraz Annuh

      Katy eres la mejor.

    20. Zheraz Annuh

      Hermosa canción.

    21. Manuel Ramírez

      Todavía no supero este maravilloso álbum, es increíblemente maravilloso. Me enamoré, y merece mucho más ❤

    22. celine best

      what a nice song

    23. Henrique Souza


    24. Henrique Souza



      Happy Mothers Day Katy

    26. benigno yepez

      its amazing song

    27. benigno yepez


    28. Scott Me Ajuda

      Watch in my chanel the reimagined version of "NOT THE END OF HE WORD' - Enjoy IT

    29. Ref Garcia

      La manera en qué Katy homenajea a las mujeres con esta canción me hace tener un sentimiento re boneeto, no sé sientes que el sonido de la canción te transporta a un bello momento

    30. opitAtoR SPON


    31. Carlos Huamayalli


    32. Jhonatan KP

      Empowering twerking

    33. josh pill


    34. سلُِفُر. ▚ ،•-𓆩99𓆪

      𝐾𝐴𝑇𝑌 𝑃𝐸𝑅𝑅𝑌 𝐼 𝐿𝑂𝑉𝐸 𝑌𝑂𝑈 𓆩⁷⁷𓆪 🖤


      where is the HIJAB OF WOMAN 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    36. Simon George


    37. ReviewIt WithKimberly


    38. Ali Harfoush


    39. Ali Harfoush

      💖💖💖 💖💖💖💖 💖🐦⚡🌕🌞

    40. katie hudson

      I really love this song It makes me feel proud to be a woman 🥺💙💙💙

    41. Taksh Doshi

      One thing that we should all accept that katy has best mvs of all time. Her videos are just immaculate

    42. Vevo Vevo


    43. Kevin Avellaneda


    44. Ali Harfoush


    45. Ali Harfoush

      💖💖💖 💖💖💖💖 💖🐦🌞⚡🌕

    46. Styvens H. Jangal

      There is a "Thinking of you" vibe

    47. Ali Harfoush


    48. Ali Harfoush

      💖💖💖 💖💖💖💖 💖🐦🌕⚡🌞

    49. Maria edna Sabino


    50. Tomek Levy

      🙃😄 kolove.info/must/bidio/m2OpaYp7qa9qZoU.html

    51. Jippy Aung

      I love it!!!

    52. Lexxx x

      I've got goosebumps I love this

    53. Marco Rossi

      This is it. This is mostly the only song I've been listening to for a week now. And I still haven't got tired.

    54. Ali Harfoush


    55. Ali Harfoush

      💖💖💖 💖💖💖💖 💖🐦

    56. Shaniel Williams

      The way she kicked him out of the bed tho😂😂😂

      1. Diego Romo

        Ikr? XD

    57. Radya Aditya Anhar Syahbani

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    58. Grumos

      if you ever feel stupid, remember more than 1500 persons gave a dislike to this

    59. Laura Lauren

      I'm in agreement ♡ ,along with other things lol

    60. Angel Ariel Ekizde

      Que video más hermoso, realmente me gustó esta canción. Hay muchas cosas que hace a una mujer SER UNA MUJER 🥰

    61. Saphire Lustrious

      The fact that this album is a skipless

    62. Nial Roberts

      Llegar a casa y escuchar SMILE es lo mejor del Día.

    63. Ali Harfoush

      But I feel in stupid because iam teeling you

    64. bbygirlnextdoor

      the ending killed me beautifully “ there it iss…..

    65. Ali Harfoush


    66. Ali Harfoush


    67. Ali Harfoush

      💟💟💟 💟💟💟💟 💟🔆 ........... Clash rock

    68. Amar Singh

      This Song Is a Masterpiece❤️

    69. Wide Awake

    70. duda


    71. Nanita S

      Loving one self can be awfully challenging, I'm 25 and grew up being made fun of for having big teeth, being skinny, and having big cheeks... my mom made all these comments which she never realized were hurtful so I don't blame her, but I did learn that if I ever have children I want them to grow up surrounded by loving words so they don't struggle when they grow up. This song reminds me that the mere fact of being a woman makes me a super hero. I love it!

    72. adolfo jose contreras lidueñas

      Happy woman's day 💙

    73. Ángel Aguirre


    74. joanthan aguas

      Happy women's day🌻💖

    75. Omar Benitez Luna-tico

      Creo en el empoderamiento femenino uwu

    76. David Zavala

      Esta canción es para este 8 de marzo!

    77. Valeria Calambrogio

      Happy International Women's Day!!

    78. Llama Del Fid

      Happy Woman's Day 😊🌈

    79. Silverin Chinzah

      Happy women’s Day💜


      It's everything about you but mist it's your talent and voice. MorPlz. mobeleash

    81. Yasmin Ribeiro do Carmo

      KATY PERRY wonderful ❤️🌼🥳🥰


      Stream harder!!!

    83. Nori Jean

      Women are warriors on high heels! 👠💄💅💪

    84. Rebecca George

      Did you get the artist from Amazing Children? Because I'm getting these vibes here.

    85. Josmar mizael Vela maas


    86. crzyqurtzsmkyjn

      As a transgender woman this sound differently (in a good way) ;3

    87. Space Scorpion

      It’s about how there’s no right way to be a women as a trans girl I like her that message a lot :)

    88. Sofia win

      I feel so satisfied with this whole songs of album

    89. Black moon Mermaid

      i love how it was almost wrote for her baby

    90. Kar Perez

      Este video verdaderamente es arteee 🥺❤️❤️

    91. نهان فهد

      kolove.info/must/bidio/hnSumHqknpWppIU.html ⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩

    92. Celeste Cordero


    93. Maia y Ludmi millonarias

      I love you katy!

    94. Emunah Ohr

      Is it the way I talk sweet? The way my skin is soft? Or how I can be a bitch? Make you keep your fingers crossed Is it the way that I praise you? The way that I please you? Or how fast I change my mind And get scared that I might leave you? Could spend your whole life, but you couldn't Describe what makes a woman She's always been a perfect mystery Could spend your whole life, but you couldn't Describe what makes a woman And that's what makes a woman to me Is it the way I cut my hair And put no make-up on? I feel most beautiful Doing what the f- I want Is it that my intuition is never really off? I need tissues for my issues And Band-Aids for my heart Could spend your whole life, but you couldn't Describe what makes a woman She's always been a perfect mystery Could spend your whole life, but you couldn't Describe what makes a woman And that's what makes a woman to me That's what makes a woman to me (Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah) Is it the way we keep The whole world turning In a pair of heels? Yeah, that's what makes a woman (There it is, Katheryn)

    95. Ali Harfoush

      Happy valentine day

    96. joh Gaby


    97. Ali Harfoush

      Happy love day K a t y p e r r y Kingly Ability Takes You Perfectly Enter Right Rising Yellow With U FOREVER