Katy Perry, Tiësto, Aitana - Resilient (Tiësto Remix)

Katy Perry

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    Director: Chloe Wallace
    Producer: Oscar Romagosa, Karen Sauri, Angela Gómez-Alba, Targa Sahyoun
    Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun

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    I know there’s gotta be rain
    If I want the rainbows
    And I know the higher I climb
    The harder the wind blows

    Yeah, I’ve gone to sleep
    Night after night punching a pillow
    But do you know the darker the night
    The brighter the skies glow

    ‘Cause I am resilient
    A full flower moment
    Won’t let the concrete hold me back
    Oh no

    I am resilient
    Born to be brilliant
    You’ll see me grow right through the cracks
    Yeah, ‘cause you’re gonna watch this flower grow right through the cracks

    I’ve got to shed all the skin
    If I want the distance
    Let the sun in
    Pull out the weeds
    And focus my vision

    ‘Cause there’s no mistakes
    Just bends and breaks and friction
    But do you know the hotter the fire
    The purer the gold is

    ‘Cause I am resilient
    A full flower moment
    Won’t let the concrete hold me back
    Oh yeah

    I am resilient
    Born to be brilliant
    I’m gonna grow right through the cracks

    ‘Cause I died every winter
    But survived all the weather
    Look at me now, look at me now
    I’m in full bloom

    Yeah, they tried to poison the water
    But I was a little stronger
    Look at me now, look at me now
    Light up the room

    ‘Cause I am resilient
    A full flower moment
    Won’t let the concrete hold me back, no

    I am resilient
    Born to be brilliant
    I’m gonna grow right through the cracks
    Oh, you’re gonna watch this flower grow right through the cracks

    Music video by Katy Perry performing Resilient (ft. Aitana) [Tiesto Remix]. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC



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