Katy Perry - Daisies (Lyric Video)

Katy Perry

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    Katy Perry's new album "Smile" out August 28 - katy.to/smileID

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    Director: Vallée Duhamel
    Producer: Brian Covalt
    Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
    Executive Producer: Sara Nix
    Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
    Animation Production: Moving Colour
    Creative Director \u0026 Producer: Brian Covalt
    Animation Production: 2Veinte
    Creative \u0026 Art Director: Pablo Gostanian
    Executive Director: Agustin Valcarenghi

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    Music video by Katy Perry performing Daisies (Lyric Video). © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

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    1. Maggie

      This song is so relatable. Impossible not to love!

    2. la depresión  ;)


    3. R UTI II Pinublues

      Gratidão, gratidão, gratidão!!❤🙏🤲💚🦋 está me ajudando muito na minha libertação. 🧭

    4. Ali Harfoush


    5. suspens


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    7. suspens


    8. Mya Gagnon

      Katy perry you are amazing 🤩

    9. Valeria Torres


    10. José Puc

      Love it, love the song and visualizer

    11. Maria Elena Leyton Osses

      I love Katy♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎵🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵

    12. P. Jibran

      What's with the rock?

    13. Inthe Sun

      You really are amazing kid. Congrats on your new baby 💖

    14. Osmar Cocom

      Arte y ma date

    15. Zheraz Annuh

      Katy eres la mejor.

    16. Zheraz Annuh

      Katycats no se olviden de seguir reproduciendo electric.

    17. Zheraz Annuh

      Hermosa canción.

    18. Kween LeLe

      In the dark when you feel lost Wanna be the best but at what cost? #electric OUT NOW kolove.info/must/bidio/pZzRhKeKZZ9igX0.html

    19. Kween LeLe

      In the dark when you feel lost Wanna be the best but at what cost? #electric OUT NOW kolove.info/must/bidio/pZzRhKeKZZ9igX0.html

    20. Sajad Pir Ahmadian

      Widerruf der Benennung über die Vereinnahmung von Zahlungen

    21. Jordan Ferguson

      Thank you for this song

    22. Night Wing

      2021 attendance

    23. Coty Dan


    24. Coty Dan

      Tu esti fananumarul70

    25. Coty Dan

      Sânt fana

    26. Redza Eirylyaz

      When i went out by myself to keep be free and fresh in the sidewalk..i always bring along with me daisy perfume..and then when this song sing about daisy i feel great..i loved daisy..

    27. Erika Mireya Cabezas Herrera


    28. Matty Braps

      This song is 1 year old already in 10 days! Damn!

    29. twineomugisha arbat

      wow nice

    30. opitAtoR SPON


    31. Hazel Tay

      i listen to this song 24/7

    32. Hazel Tay

      the song, the music video and lyrics.... SO BEAUTIFUL!

    33. 山根保行


    34. Azrul Hafiz

      When I first heard this song, I had the widest smile because I know the real Katy Perry is back!

    35. Emma Naples


    36. Michael Skeen

      Katy Perry, honestly, I do like ur music but knowing what is meant by salvation I wonder if u had the opportunity of receiving it yes its doesn't matter what u r into because ur heart will be ur down fool. I listen to ur music when u first started and KI knows then u will make it. Thanks, if read my message and when that time comes, we may meet. Thank You for my heart in Australia

    37. Shaniel Williams

      I hope im not the only one crying when im listening to this

    38. Rania Assal Del Valle

      I heard this song on the radio and my mind had to do a double-take. And a couple cartwheels.

    39. Ktine

      this song is so powerful❤️❤️❤️

    40. Ali Harfoush


    41. Ali Harfoush


    42. Ali Harfoush

      💟💟💟 💟💟💟💟 💟🔆🐦

    43. Mateo Rojas

      Best song

    44. Magda Mejia Ramírez

      I love this song 😍😍😍

    45. Fernanda Alvarez


    46. MARIOLEAL21

      Her lyrics videos are art

    47. Fabiana Acevedo


    48. Ali Harfoush

      The universe without you sad desert MY QUEEN I LOVE YOU HAPPY LOVE MONTH MY BIRD I LOVE YOU

    49. Vire Dero

      I love how she made it seem dreamy and uplifting. Everything is perfect!

    50. Etienne KAUFFMANN

      The best song !!

    51. Baltazar Sant

      1:11 PRISM reference!!! Also "why did we put our hopes in the attic?" from Dark Horse: so you wanna play with magic?

    52. Leandra Viana

      I love you katty perry

    53. Ali Harfoush

      WHEN SEA WATER FINISH I will FORGET YOU YOU own me Happy valentine day

    54. Anna Kuželková

      Well, that's cool, and it's omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    55. Amy Benson

      Hi I’m 9 years old I really love your music Katy Perry

    56. Amy Benson

      I like how this song tells you to stand up and don’t let no one call you crazy

    57. Nicole_YT

      Nose q hago en estos comentarios en ingles 👁👄👁

    58. Jay Hea

      daisies issa very inspiring ,, empowering n motivating bop

    59. Jay Hea

      katys lyric videos are wonderful nd brilliant , so creative

    60. Jay Hea

      katy invented empowerment

    61. Jay Hea

      katy perry issa great lyricist . this is so inspiring

    62. Kaylee Deen

      All the videos are shows why?

    63. Sia's Chandelier

      My favourite Katy Perry's song!

    64. Celeste Cordero


    65. José Puc


    66. Darwin González Roblero

      The best

    67. Михаил Голиздра

      тик ток

    68. angel

      Yeah I hate it when people tell you your dreams are worthless but then when you show you can do it they cover you in daisies

    69. Yuyes Garcés M.

      Alop yuo caty pery

    70. Master Aki

      That moment when she took those sticks and stones to elevate herself!! SUCH visual symbolism!!

    71. Sabina Play

      Hello hello hi hi hello

    72. Paul Gian Marco Mendoza Cusiche

      reina del pop

    73. jdddskk

      This is so underrated 😭

    74. Lucas Trost


    75. Thomas Embrey

      ❤️❤️❤️ If I was in a singing competition in the finals, this would be my song I would sing

    76. daniel herrera


    77. Talge 879

      No face but with a good throat

    78. Olivia Weiss

      katy perry is not becoming overratted i love her singing wen i feel sad i listen to her songs!!!

    79. Heloísa Bertoldo

      I love you Katy Perry

    80. gege vlogs

      So is only me who absolutely loved the Witness era? I do not understand the hate and negativity towards it cause I loved every songggg

    81. AmRobYourHouse


    82. Thazin Lin

      My dreams not coming true.i keep my dreams in a box its real

    83. Thazin Lin

      I feel wanna cry cus i also dream about a beautiful world

    84. Lane Coker


    85. MADMEI

      "When did we all stop believing in magic?" I felt that.

    86. Saúl Vega

      This should belong to The Smile Video Series!!

    87. JA

      Idk why but her voice for this song rly sounds like Curley Gao 😅😅

    88. Bambi Rood

      Hmm the symbolism....

    89. byby girl rosa

      Sou sua fã Katy Perry

    90. CindyDct

      when she screamed "daisies" i really felt it 🥺

    91. Grober ronald Quispe Alcayauri

      queen of pop

    92. KingKheio


    93. SG._

      I don't understand why this video only have 2 million of views... This song is AMAZING!

    94. Live_Wire

      'I'm the small town One in seven billion Why can't it be me?'... this hits so hard and makes me want to go for my dreams even though they are so hard to achieve.

    95. Kodi •&•

      The animated visuals really help me boost my imagination on this song. They really go together well.

    96. Brisita amor

      wow Katy Perry you viddeos are great



    98. george jerdy

      I Just remember my grandmother Listening in this song.

    99. Vy Phan

      I thought that this would be a boring song but what the heck this music video is literally a masterpiece and the lyrics are gold. How could this be so underrated??